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We firmly believe good planning “sets the table” for quality development. Our firm is committed to assuring that both a deliberatively inclusive planning process and strong development results define the finish line for our clients.

DCI Team

Who We Are

Established in 1991, Development Concepts, Inc. (DCI) is a planning and real estate development consulting firm.  Our mission is to create innovative development solutions that are responsive to a community’s needs, as well as, realistic and achievable. Our team leverages decades of experience in the public and private sectors addressing a range of complex issues including economic feasibility, market-based development strategies, brownfield remediation, public-private partnership formation, economic development incentives, developer recruitment and deal structuring.

DCI has a collaborative planning approach that involves working closely with our clients and community stakeholders. DCI believes there is a difference between a market responsive and market driven approach to planning and real estate development – this is an important distinction for the DCI team. Success is often achieved by determining how to “wake up the marketplace” by identifying local assets and strengths and determining how to enhance their value relative to the marketplace.  This “awakening” involves an understanding of community desires, physical conditions that present inherent  opportunities and limitations, and local / regional market conditions.

Our Core Services

Market & Economic Analysis

(re)Development Strategies

Implementation Services

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