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Big Darby Master Plan Implementation Columbus, OH

Big Darby Master Plan Implementation

Big Darby Master Plan Implementation, Columbus, OH

2013 - Ongoing


Housing Market Analysis
Capacity Building
Development Consultation
Development Programming
Implementation Strategies
Funding & Financing Tools
Public-Private Partnerships

Prairie Township Board of Trustees


The Challenge

Determining if a dramatically changed economic and market climate may have under minded the original assumptions of a 2011 Big Darby Town Center Master Plan for the environmentally sensitive Big Darby Watershed was still viable.

The Process

The DCI team re-assessed regional markets, tested prior real estate assumptions and restructured the development program with updated findings. DCI worked with a local leadership team, comprised of several Columbus Ohio area jurisdictions, to assure the Master Plan changes were understood and accepted at each step of the year long process.

The Outcomes

Development assumptions were re-engineered to reflect the dramatically changed commercial and residential markets. A “Conservation Community” concept was established to highlight the unique features of the Watershed and to attract a residential niche market to the Town Center. An updated Master Plan and Implementation Program was accepted by the multiple governing bodies.

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