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Implementation Strategy, SoMa District, Elkhart, IN

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Implementation Strategy SoMa District, Elkhart, Indiana



Redevelopment Planning

Organizational Capacity Building

Public-Private Partnership Facilitation

Implementation Strategies

City of Elkhart


The Challenge

The City of Elkhart felt that reinvestment on Main Street was slow and lacked direction.  They wanted to revive Main Street as the cultural and recreational core of the City.

The Process

The Mayor appointed a Study Group to work with DCI to create a framework for downtown revitalization strategy for the South Main Street Area (SoMa).  The four areas of focus identified were:  arts and entertainment, commerical services, gateways and greenspaces, residential and marketing.

The Outcomes

The Plan redefined the physical assets of the Arts and Entertainment  (A&E) District to include the Wellfield Botanic Gardens, RiverWalk Culture Trail, select residential neighorhoods and other segments of Main Street.  Additionally the Plan prompted community leaders to define how organizational capacity could be met to manage A&E District.

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