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What We Do

Market & Economic Analysis

Successful (re)development planning and real estate investment requires an in depth understanding of market conditions.  DCI takes the time to study and understand the market and how it can influence development planning and real estate investment decisions.  Our market based approach guides decision making for the public and private sector investments that are necessary to “wake up the marketplace.”  The integration of market realities and appropriate public sector investments are essential to successful development outcomes that realize a community’s vision.

(re)Develoment Strategies

Whether the assignment is focused on an unimproved greenfield or distressed real estate, we have the expertise to establish a viable strategy for our clients that are confronted with weak economic markets or other local dynamics that “lock down” investment. Understanding the market is important, but no amount of development planning will succeed if the real estate is not positioned to accept new investment.  DCI has “unlocked” challenged real estate for over 22 years in downtowns, commercial corridors, neighborhoods and industrial brownfields.  Our strategies address the factors that impede development from occurring, providing our clients with tools necessary to make successful development happen.

Implementation Services

DCI does not create redevelopment plans that collect dust on a shelf.  Our implementation services identify sources of funding, financing mechanisms, public and private partnerships, and organizational capacity.  We work with our clients to develop land acquisition strategies and create detailed development work plans.  DCI understands the development dilemma between what the private sector desires for a redevelopment project and what the public sector is able to provide.  We are experienced at navigating project development constraints and providing “win-win” outcomes for all.

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9th April 2014

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