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Downtown Master Plan & Master Plan Update, Durham NC

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  • Durham Conceptual Plan
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Downtown Master Plan & Master Plan Update, Durham, North Carolina

2000 (Master Plan) | 2008 (Master Plan Update)


Development Plan

Market Analysis

Implementation Strategies

Downtown Durham, Inc.



Merit Award for Planning and Analysis — North Carolina Chapter of ASLA — 2000

The Challenge

Our challenge was to reinvigorate a once thriving urban center that was losing ground to faster growing regional centers in Raleigh and Chapel Hill.

The Process

Our process involved identification of various funding mechanisms, local policy directions and partnerships needed to make specific initiatives become a reality.

The Outcomes

For the initial Downtown Master Plan DCI scripted a market based development plan that took advantage of the historic tabacco warehouse neighborhood ultimately generating a vibrant set of residential and mixed-use development opportunities.   Those initiatives were catalyzed by a new downtown Durham Bulls Baseball Stadium.

In 2008 after realizing over $1 billion dollars in private and public investment, Downtown Durham Inc. rehired DCI to evaluate the City program and revise the Master Plan, setting goals for the next 7-10 years.

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