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Downtown Housing Development Work Program, Muncie, IN

Downtown Housing Development Work Program

Downtown Housing Development Work Program, Muncie, Indiana



Housing Market Analysis

Development Framework

Redevelopment Planning

Implementation Strategies

Funding & Financing Tools

Public-Private Partnerships

City of Muncie, IN


The Challenge

Local leadership recognized a need for downtown housing, but didn’t know where to start. They needed a strategy that would facilitate the development of new housing units.

The Process

DCI conducted an inventory of downtown housing options and with research and interviews we were able to provide an analysis that revealed key market segments and persons most likely to “pioneer” a new downtown neighborhood.

The Outcomes

DCI created a detailed work plan with the goal of bringing 100 new units to the area over a 3 year period. As a result of our Work Program, the City formed a committee charged with evaluating potential projects in one of the designated downtown neighborhoods.

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