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Town Center Master Plan, Rockville, MD

  • Rockville Town Center
  • Rockville Town Center Fountain

Town Center Master Plan, Rockville, Maryland



Market Analysis

Transit Oriented Development

Financial Feasibility Analysis

Public Sector Investments

Strategic Land Acquisition

City of Rockville, MD



Merit Award for Planning and Analysis — Indiana Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects

The Challenge

To program its urban core into a transit oriented town center the City of Rockville needed to get multiple govermental and institutional entities, a skeptical community and entrenched property interests to reach a common vision.  To do this, the City held a national competition to select the Team that would plan and program a mixed-use town center.

The Process

An inclusive and transparent planning and public engagement process was conducted at each stage of the master planning process to build both credibility and support for the final Town Center Master Plan.

The Outcomes

Optimal development parcels were created that identified multiple funding sources and used to recruite developer interest to establish momentum for the town center development program.  Regional developers, governmental and institutional resources were solicited to support the various components of the town center implementation process.

The City of Rockville has experienced nearly $800 million dollars in new investment that has resulted in a nationally recognized transit oriented mixed-use town center.  High rise office and residential buildings, retail storefronts and numerous public buildings support a well-rounded live, work shop and plan district.

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